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Getting to know girls requires asking the right questions at the right time. From the fun questions to the those thrilling, smoking hot sensual questions, but the key thing to bear in mind is that there are great questions to ask girls if you want her to feel more relaxed talking or chatting with you.

We have been providing whatsapp numbers of different sexy, beautiful girls but that’s not all there’s to keeping the chat going. Most girls get turned off and pissed off at certain types of questions, so brace yourself! Picking the numbers but not utilizing the opportunity by doing the right introduction, you know, like that introduction paragraph of a great essay and then setting the ball rolling by completing the task by getting her to like you by asking the right questions.

Today, I’ll be talking about the best questions to ask girls if you want them to become relaxed and more friendly with you. Some of these questions are so basic, yet a lot of guys miss out of the great opportunity of getting hooked to these H.O.T girls simply because they failed to ask the right questions from the start.

Best Questions to Ask Girls to Make Them Fall in Love

  1. If you could change the world, what would you do differently?
  2. What are your best colors?
  3. What’s your favorite pet?
  4. What girly habits do you dislike?
  5. What charms you the most in a guy?
  6. Have you ever done something you won’t ever be caught doing again?
  7. What do you think about hopeless romantics?
  8. What’s your best friend’s best behavior?
  9.  What’s your best friend’s worst behavior?
  10. Panties or thongs?
  11. On a scale of 1 – 10 how careful are you?
  12. What is that special characteristic you like in a man?
  13.  Is love a feeling or a word?
  14. What is your ideal vacation spot?
  15. If you could become a citizen of any country, which would that be?
  16. What is the perfect date?
  17. Have any embarrassing moment of your life you wish you can delete completely?
  18. Best childhood memory?
  19. What’s your favorite football club?
  20. Favorite food?
  21. Best fashion accessory?
  22. Would you rather be famous or rich?
  23. Money or power, which is it?
  24. Would you say you’re a strong woman?
  25. Are you shy?
  26. What snack can’t you do without?
  27. Do you love video games?
  28. What’s weird about you?
  29. Who would you say is the luckiest person you know?
  30. Which movie or book ending disappointed you?
  31. What are you hyped about?
  32. What animal are you scared of?
  33. Your favorite souvenir?
  34. Your most desired fashion item?
  35. Shoes or bags?

If you notice, these questions are not very long questions, but they are attention grabbing. Girls love having their attention stolen. If you can steal their attention, you can steal their heart. Don’t worry about questions to ask girls anymore, these (and more updated questions would help you out).





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