Should You Sleep in a Recliner? Are There Health Benefits?

Should You Sleep in a Recliner? Are There Health Benefits?

Many people tend to ask if one can sleep in a recliner and if sleeping in one has any health benefits. This is big news because recliners while popular on their own for their ergonomic and sleek design and look, are very beneficial to your health. In fact, ever wondered why some of your friends who own recliners sing their praise every minute? Sleeping in one would make you feel great and refreshed, and it’s one reason some people have chosen to sleep in recliners over mattresses.

This article would talk about the many health benefits of sleeping in recliners and why you should start sleeping in your recliner if you aren’t already doing so.

Health Benefit of Sleeping in Reclining Chairs

  1. Improved blood circulation: After a strenuous day at work sitting behind a desk, you’d notice that your legs and feet feel jittery due to the rush of blood to it. You can improve your body’s circulation by reclining your feet/legs so you can get rid of the fatigue. A recliner will help elevate your feet high above heart level relieving your lower body. This is also why it reduces inflammation and stress.
  2. Relief from Back Pain: Back pain is something that most people if not everyone at one in their life has or will experience. The reason is that our core muscles and back constantly try to balance the weight of the lower and upper bodies, taking a lot of stress. To reduce this, reclining and elevating the feet would be helpful. The use of recliners eases the spine and also enables the core muscles to relax, this way speeding up the recovery of our overworked muscles. More so, by elevating the feet, we’re letting gravity do the honors of sending blood to the tendons and muscles located in the lower back region which is one of the places where the pain is felt.
  3. Breathe Easier and Better: If you choose to sleep in your recliner, you would breathe a lot easier as the diaphragm opens well. Laying on the recliner has been found to help people with disorders like:
  • Snoring
  • Heartburn
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Acid reflux

People suffering from the above conditions sleep better thanks to the position (upright) they assume which lets gravity to keep the stomach acid down.

  1. Better Digestion: Again, sleeping in a recliner would help you better digest when you implement the ‘slow breathing’ recline principle, as it would keep your body in a state of “rest and digest”. This state sees your body digesting everything you’ve consumed while also working to repair and heal your body. Summarily, your digestive system would be able to process your food a lot better. You’ll get an improved overall quality of sleep if you let your body rest and digest before you sleep off.
  2. Calm Nerves: The reclining chair also helps calm your nerves while at it. An elevated foot sees that your back pain is relieved, also improves blood circulation and of course allows you breath better. The effects on the nervous system are also not to be ignored. Since the nerves are always working to see everything is in order, they can get stressed up. Using a reclining chair can give your body time to heal which is also more like a break time for your nervous system. You’ll appreciate the time you give your body to rest in a reclining chair.


Sleeping in a recliner is beneficial for your health. All you have to do is pick out the best recliner for sleeping available on the market. But to do so, you need to find a recliner that fits your body so you don’t get pains in your leg, neck, and back.


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