Accounting jobs in Durban

If you are a qualified graduate located in the Durban, KwaZulu-Natal area of South Africa and in need of accounting jobs in Durban we have great news for you.

There are currently top firms recruiting accountants and similar fields in the Durban region of South Africa so it would make for a great opportunity to be gainfully employed if you are a graduate and probably if you have the needed experience to get it rolling.

Let’s take a look at some of the top accounting jobs available in Durban.

Accounting jobs in Durban

Assistant Supply Chain Account – Unilever

For those interested in this position, the job’s main purpose is to assist the supply chain finance team with their activities. You would be tasked with the following responsibilities:

• Consolidation, analysis and reconciliation (mostly in handling Sundry debtors and Stocks needed for trading working capital).
• Preparing the monthly reports and forecasts used for Sundry debtors and stock.
• Preparing and processing journals, reconciling balance sheet accounts and also assisting in pricing, updating scorecards and reconciling the staff shop.

To learn more about the job details, see the official posting at Unilever

Internal Control Specialist – Transnet

For those interested in the position of internal control specialist at Transnet, the position would soon be over so hurry. Here’s a breakdown of what it entails:

• Help them monitor the internal control systems which include CCM, SAP GRC, Power BI//Smart Analytics) etc. to see that all systems are up to date and working effectively.
• To update and maintain Transnet’s smart analytics dashboard to extract steady reports.
• To properly use the SAP, Smart Analytics data to fish out control breakdowns.

To learn more Transnet job post, see the official posting at Transnet.

Remember that Transnet (inclusive of employees and representatives) would never ask you to pay any fee. If anybody does, please report the person/organisation to the Transnet anti-fraud line on 0800 003 056.

Other accounting jobs in Durban include:

  • Accounts Officer III by Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions – Job post
  • Senior Bookkeeper by PwC – Job post
  • Product Group Accountant by Unilever – Job post
  • Audit and Assurance by Deloitte – Job post

We hope you found your dream accounting job in Durban on this page.


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